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Hundreds of Thousands of Americans either desperately need a power wheelchair (or scooter) or could dramatically improve their lives with the use of one. Unfortunately, the price of a new power wheelchair now runs from $5,000 – $25,000, and even more depending on the user’s needs. This presents an impossible financial hurdle for the vast majority of potential users because so many lack insurance or they have inadequate insurance coverage.

Surprisingly, those who are insured often cannot get power chairs. Medicare qualifiers find this source of coverage to be quite restrictive. Claims are often rejected because of rigid criteria. People in nursing homes and long-term care facilities will generally not be approved for a power wheelchair.
Many Medicaid cases must wait from 6 months to as long as a year and more for an approved power chair, leaving them without mobility while they wait and in most cases are unable to receive while in a long term facility.
A related problem occurs when power chairs break down. Insurance approval for high-end parts and repairs can be delayed for months at a time, depriving the wheelchair user of this important survival tool in the meantime.
While the desire for mobility is common to all those who are mobility-impaired, it is especially difficult for people who want to work and cannot negotiate the passage between home and employment without a power wheelchair.
  The Solution
An impressive stockpile of once-useful power wheelchairs exists. But today, these wheelchairs often end up discarded in landfills or junkyards, rusting in garages, basements or other storage areas because insurance companies and wheelchair distributors have never developed trade-in or recycling arrangements.

Oursolution – and the mission of The Wheelchair Recycler – is to collect; refurbish and re-issue used power wheelchairs at minimal cost to the new user. Most equipment is 80-99% below market value.


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